Thursday, December 11, 2014

See Beautiful

Why haven't we been online much lately?

It seems a warm laptop is a great place for a nap.
Blake says it's his sleeping spot.

And kittens sleep a lot. 

The rest of us have been thinking about Christmas.

Gloria is looking for a place to hide so she can see Santa Paws when he comes down the chimney.

Marky is making his Christmas wish list.

"Dear Santa, we need a new pink cube. This one is two weeks old and we have killed it."

Vincent, "Who is this Santa Paws everyone is talking about? Is he scary? I think I'll hide under here just in case. I might come out if he brings me a fun toy."

We have two house guests for Christmas.
This is Miss Fonda, mama calls her Funda cause she is always playing. Fonda has a cold and is taking medication to make her nose feel better.

"Hey Elf, want to play?"

Blake is also taking meds to help him get over a cold. He loves to play and sleep on Mama's laptop.

And we also have our version of a Christmas "flower" for
Miss Dory's Flower Friday. 

And everything is beautiful in it's own way.
Like the starry summer night, or a snow-covered winter's day.
Ray Stevens, Everything is Beautiful

Thursday, November 13, 2014

See Beautiful and November Flowers

We have heard humans say they count their blessings to help them sleep. We also count our blessings as we fall asleep each night. We have warm places to sleep, food to keep our tummies full and peeps who love us very much. And just before we drift off to dreamland each night we make a wish. That all kitties and puppies could have these same things. Then the world would be truly beautiful.

We are also joining our BFF Dory for the November edition of Flower Friday.

This is one of our roses this fall. Now it's all covered with snow but we can still remember the beauty.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Georgia: It took me like forever to decide on a costume for Halloween. I tried on dozens. Witches, princesses, super heroines, etc, etc. But I finally decided on one that reflected my fabulous personality.

I'm going as a princess diva, queen of the Universe. Aren't you surprised?

Adam and I have been watching American Horror Story with Mama (the little kids aren't allowed to watch) but we hid our eyes a lot. Adam decided to go as Edward Mordrake. Isn't he creepy?  Oh, sorry Adam, I meant handsome. MOL!

Vinnie: I'm going to be a Pirate. They are brave and fearless. And they get to say things like 'shiver me timbers".

Seriously Mama? This is the only costume you could find for me? The Cadbury Bunny?

Now how about we do a little dancing to celebrate this ghoulish holiday?
Ready, set, Mash!