Thursday, October 9, 2014

See Beautiful and Flower Friday

Blanket Flower

Did you know we have a playpen at our house? It is for the foster kittens, a place for them to play and get to know all of us.

That is Christy on the left and Driscoll watching the camera. The tail at the top belongs to Blake, in the photo above he is the one with the blue collar. He was being very camera shy (Actually he was so interested in the toy he didn't care what else was going on),

Driscoll was carefully watching everything.

Miss Christy and Blake have nose colds. Mama cleaned Christy's face just after the photo was taken. She has been cleaning both of their little noses a lot lately.

Today it was Marky's turn to baby sit the little ones.

Life at our house is never dull, there are always lots of smiles and plenty of fun. We see beautiful every day. Hope you do too.

Friday, September 26, 2014

We Waz Interviewed


Oh my, sorry about the shouting but I'm excited.

I, Georgia, ( Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew, Adam, Gloria, Vincent and Marky too) was featured in Mousebreath Magazine.

I was all a twitter when the Funny Farmer Felines, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Rusty & Micah, called and wanted to interview me us for an article. We told all.  Those guys are expert interviewers. Thank you so much for featuring me us.

You have just got to go and read my our interview NOW!  Oops, I will try not to shout any more.

Go HERE to read all about me us.

I think you should also visit Jan's Funny Farm to read more about the Funny Farmer Felines.

And while you are at it why not subscribe to Mousebreath Magazine. It's online and free.


PS, Mama has a spay/neuter event Saturday and we have told her she has to go to bed early. We will be catching up with everyone after the event.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Vinnie and Marky

Gloria and Vinnie having a conversation about the best color for mice and the cost of nip (not to worry, they have lots of nip).

Adam: On September 1st Mama said Marky was scheduled to get his big boy surgery the next day. Since Spooky, Big Boy and I have all had our surgeries we told Marky everything would be okay and our Mama would be with him the whole time. Marky said as long as Mama was there he wouldn't worry.

To our surprise it was Vinnie who got upset. When we asked him why he was upset he said, "Mama has said Marky is one of the foster kittens and whenever she takes the fosters in for their surgeries we never see them again. Does this mean I will never see my bestest friend Marky ever again?" And he started to cry. We didn't know what to say so we asked Mama.

Mama, is Marky going away? Vinnie is very upset. Mama picked up Vinnie and Marky and said, "Originally Marky was only going to be here for a very short time but when I saw how fast you two became friends I knew that wouldn't happen. Marky, you have helped Vinnie get stronger and more confident, you really are his best friend. Vinnie, tomorrow I will take Marky in for his surgery and then bring him back home."

Marky and Vinnie did a happy dance.

The next day Mama and Marky left. When they came back Mama told all of us that she had signed the adoption papers and Marky was now officially our brother. We all did a happy dance.

Now Vinnie and Marky walk around calling each other, my Brudder from a 'nother Mudder. That makes the rest of us smile.

The sound you hear at the beginning of the video is Georgia yelling 'Action'.

For those who don't know about Vinnie he has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a birth defect that affects his motor skills. You can read more about CH in this earlier post (HERE). 
We are joining Saturday Critters and Camera Critters