Friday, August 15, 2014

Top Cat

Remember our visitor from Wordless Wednesday?

Meet Ringo (the name our mama gave him because of the rings on his tail). Ringo is the neighborhood moocher. He makes his rounds everyday and stops by to see us sometimes for breakfast but always for dinner.

He is a very nice boy and never causes any problems. About a month ago he disappeared for a week. Mama thought something must have happened to him. Then one morning she looked out the front door and there was Ringo. He was wearing a collar and tags. "Aha" mama said to Ringo, "someone has given you a home and trying to turn you into a proper house cat." Ringo just stared at mama. A few days later Ringo was at the door but this time the collar and tags were gone.

We figure Ringo likes his freedom (we have a safe neighborhood with no through traffic). He reminds us of Top Cat.

We are joining Saturday Critters, Camera Critters and Bozo's Pet Pride.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Flowers for Friday

We loves to look out our windows at all the pretty flowers. But we also like to watch critters and that includes buggies and other insects. If they visit the other side of our window we have lots of fun "chasing" those bugs.

We like to watch the busy honey bees too. They are so pretty.

No, no thistle grows in our gardens. Mama took these photos near a park.

We are joining our good friend Dory for Flower Friday.

And speaking of Honey Bees, does anyone remember this song? Mama says she has never heard it before today, We figure she is losing her memory. MOL!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014