Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend Wisdom

The theme for Freda's Photo Time this week is mountain or hill. These are part of The Blue Mountains in SE Washington. Be sure to visit Photo Time for more. Also pop over to SkyWatch Friday.

Here in the US this is Memorial Day Weekend. To all of our friends who observe the holiday we want to wish you a very safe and happy holiday.

Wait! Don't go yet! Before you start your weekend I have some words of advice for you.

Don't get in a hurry, speed is not only dangerous but it makes it hard to see all the good things out there. One of those hoomans might have some peanuts and you don't want to rush past them.

Play or watch some sports. Have a Climb/Leap contest, not the fastest but the most creative climb and jump. There are lots of sports to choose from, another favorite of ours is Chase/Tumble/Chitter.

Enjoy the good food but don't overdo, too many nuts will give you a tummy ache.

Take a break now and then and just relax. This is also a good way to observe the hoomans walking their dogs so you can take the tree limb route and avoid the bark-bark creatures.

But most importantly enjoy your time with the other squirrels and maybe take a few minutes to smell the flowers.

Animals all over the world are awaiting your visit, check out Camera Critters for more.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Fever

A little bird, he told me so
He said come on, get on the go

Open your eyes the sky is full of butterflies
The blossoms on the trees stir up the honey bees
Spring makes my fever right

Well if you feel the wanderlust
Just grab a car or hop a bus
In every town there's excitement to be found
So much is happening

Don't miss the joy of spring
The world's in love just look around

Spring fever comes to everyone
Spring fever, it's time for fun
Get up, get out spring is everywhere

It's Thursday! And you know what that means, it's time for Hootin' Anni's Thursday Theme Song, Freda's ThisWay/ThursWay and Clytie's Guest Heart Thursday.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pioneer Park

Our little town is home to many parks but the largest, oldest and most popular is Pioneer Park.

It is dedicated to the brave pioneers who crossed the country and settled this area so many years ago. We won't talk about how some of those settlers were pretty much massacred by the Native Americans after they took their land and brought diseases which wiped out over half of the local native population. Just forget I said that.

The park has a lake, playground, tennis courts, rose garden and my favorite the aviary. The Pioneer Park Aviary is home to exotic birds from around the world and a few local species too.

With many walking trails and quiet areas it is a wonderful place to relax and meditate. It is also perfect for gatherings with family and friends. Many local events are held at the park in the spring and summer months.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Just Ducky

Checking in on my ducky friends at the local park.

Mister Mandarin was swimming towards a shady area. But he wasn't alone.

His lovely lady was also enjoying the day. The male may have the brightest colors but she is still very beautiful.

And speaking of couples, I saw Mister Wood Duck waiting patiently outside this nesting box.

And even though I could not see inside the box I know Mrs. Wood Duck is inside sitting on her eggs.
Please notice the angle of the nesting box roof.

The theme for this week's Photo Time is angles. For more photos please visit Freda's Photo Time and Camera Critters.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Can Fly

Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon
We could float among the stars together, you and I
For we can fly we can fly

Up, up and away
My beautiful, my beautiful balloon
The world's a nicer place in my beautiful balloon
It wears a nicer face in my beautiful balloon

We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky
For we can fly we can fly

The Walla Walla Balloon Stampede was this past weekend so I guess it's only right that I use this song, it does fit perfectly. The second video was filmed from my backyard.

It's Thursday (and hopefully Blogger won't steal our posts and comments this week) and time for Freda's ThisWay/ThursWay and Hootin' Anni's Thursday Theme Song. I am also posting this for SkyWatch Friday.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vogue Feline Edition

Of all the cats Sissi is about the only one who doesn't run from the camera. Even as a tiny kitten when the camera was around she was always front and center.

Does this look like a pose to you?

Talk about playing to the lens! Miss Madi, I think I have a candidate for your Diva classes.

This week's theme for Photo Time is Black & White. Of course Miss Sissi volunteered to model for the meme. By the way, last week's theme for Photo Time was flowers and guess who won?

Also be sure to visit all the little critters from around the world at Camera Critters. All my animal lover friends, this is one you need to check out.

Friday, May 13, 2011

What a View

Up at first light
waiting for sight
of the hot air balloons.

Our local Balloon Stampede started yesterday. The balloons launch at 6:30 AM each morning when the weather permits and fly towards the regional airport to land in the surrounding fields. It just happens that their flight path takes them directly over our house or very near by.

If you look closely at the highest mountain behind the balloon you can see there is still some snow up there.

Come On Little Robin, Fly!

Fly Robin, fly

Fly, Robin fly

Fly, Robin fly

Up, up to the sky.

All of the robin photos above are from my archives, our robins have just returned to this area. It's Thursday and that means it's time to visit Hootin' Anni's Thursday Theme Song and Freda's ThisWay/ThursWay.

Thursday is also time for Clytie's Guest Heart Thursday. Clytie, look what I found for you in the stormy skies.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strolling Down The Street

Strolling down the street on a Saturday afternoon.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Search

Hi there, if you will wait just a moment we have something for you. Yes, you! Don't go anywhere.

We are looking high!

If we can't find It, we will share our nuts with you.

We are searching low! Got to be getting close.

Found it!

A rose, just for you!

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Down The Highway

Like the pine trees linin' the windin' road
I got a name, I got a name

Like the singin' bird and the croakin' toad
I got a name, I got a name
And I carry it with me like my daddy did
But I'm livin' the dream that he kept hid

Movin' me down the highway
Rollin' me down the highway

Movin' ahead so life won't pass me by

James Joseph Croce 1943 - 1973
So much music we will never hear

Cinco Feliz de Mayonesa