Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wild Mountain Honey

Ooh, mama
Well look whats been done

You can only see the stars
After a setting sun

Come on children
Now learn how to run
By heaven, the stars, the moon and the sun

Come on papa
Your end is the means
Don't trade your love and goodness
For the golden machine

You run for the money

You don't even know about wild mountain honey

The Steve Miller Band, lyrics by Steve McCarty
The video is filled with beautiful photography. 

The Steve Miller Band was very popular back in the Seventies, it was one of my favorites. Most of his music was rock (Space Cowboy, Take the Money and Run, Fly Like an Eagle, etc) and I loved it. There were also a few ballads like Wild Mountain Honey. He and the band are still recording and making appearances.

On a side note, Steve Miller owned a large farm down in Southern Oregon in the seventies (in fact he may still own it). My future husband who was  just getting started as a mechanic at the time used to go out to the farm and work on Steve's trucks. On occasion he would get invited inside the house to meet band members and/or attend a party. Wish I had known him way back then.

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A Paw-blic Service Announcement

Hey friends! Bandit here to give up the scoop on some upcoming events. Do you have your calendar's ready.

June 4TH is National Hug Your Cat Day!
If you don't have a cat (why don't you have a cat?) I guess you can hug you dog or goat or turtle. Whatever!

If you are one of our doggie friends please don't take offense, . I'll give you a hug myself. Purrs! 
Besides, June 22ND is a special day for our doggie friends. It's Take Your Dog to Work Day!

The whole month of June is the American Humane Association's Adopt-A-Cat month. This is a very important month so spread the word.

Did you write those events on your calendar? Well do it now, I'll wait!
La, la, la ....... purr ...... la, la, la ....... oh good, you're done. We don't want you to say you forgot about something this important. Don't say we didn't give you plenty of time to prepare.

We'll be talking more about these events later.

That's all for now.  Thank you.

By the way, what are you doing in my yard?


Friday, May 25, 2012

Flying Squirrels

Not really but sometimes we jump so far it's almost like flying. We just wanted a catchy title for our blog post. Yes, this blog post is by us squirrels. We tricked the kitties into leaving the computer unguarded so we could have a little time here.

We wanted to set the record straight about what those silly cats called dragons. See the photo above, those are hot air balloons, not dragons.

Those kitties may think the balloons are dangerous but we squirrel know they aren't. Well maybe just a little bit dangerous. But they are noisy and annoying. Those TWO balloons look so innocent don't they?

Why are you just standing there? Why aren't you shooing those things away from our tree?

Look! It's getting closer.

Now it's sneaking around our tree. We know it wants the nuts we have hidden. Go away balloon creature, these are our nuts.

See that? They are getting down low so they can do operate their Nut Detector better. They think we have a huge stash of  nuts in one of these trees (we do, just don't tell them which tree). "Hey guys, did anyone turn on the EMF field to jam their signal?"

So there you have it. We squirrels have set the record straight. Those are not dragons like the cats said. They are balloon creatures carrying treasure hunting spies looking for the nut bonanza we have hidden here. We have to be on constant alert to protect our valuable nut treasure. The spies are everywhere!
Who says cats are smarter than squirrels?

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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.

Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry

Sunshine on the water looks so lovely.

Sunshine almost always make me high

If I had a tale that I could tell you
I'd tell a tale sure to make you smile.
If I had a wish that I could wish for you.
I'd make a wish for sunshine all the while.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Dragons in the Sky

 Hi friends, Little Boy here to tell you about something that happened in our yard last weekend. You aren't going to believe this so I gots photos from mama's camera to prove it. Our yard was invaded by .....Dragons!   Yes, you heard me right, there were fire breathing dragons.

 At first they were off in the distance and didn't seem too horrible.

 But then they started getting closer, and closer. We kitties kept a close eye on them. Of course mama was taking photos cause that what she does.

 Then they gots really close and started roaring and breathing fire. We told mama to run but she kept taking pictures. She said she needed a recent photo for Freda's Photo Time.

 Then things got really scary, you won't believe what I saw.

 The dragons were trying to eat the hoomans. They came down from the sky and the silly hoomans ran right to the dragons. See the hooman inside the dragon. Maybe the others are trying to get him out.
Mama don't you go over there, we don't want that dragon to eat you.

All you hoomans be careful and watch out for the fire breathing dragons. They are everywhere.

And they are sneaky too!

Don't say we kitties didn't warn you.

Mama here. Last weekend was the annual Balloon Stampede. The balloons take off near the fair grounds and fly over to a large field behind our house. This route takes them directly over our yard as they come in for a landing behind our house.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blue Sky

 Sun is shinin' in the sky
There ain't a cloud in sight
It's stopped rainin' ev'rybody's in a play
And don't you know
It's a beautiful new day hey,hey

 Runnin' down the avenue
See how the sun shines brightly in the city
On the streets where once was pity
Mister blue sky is living here today hey, hey

 Hey you with the pretty face
Welcome to the human race
A celebration, mister blue sky's up there waitin'
And today is the day we've waited for

Hey there mister blue
We're so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Ev'rybody smiles at you

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Friday, May 11, 2012

In The Pink

Hey friends and hoomans! Spooky here to give this week's blog report. First I have to tell you what our hooman Mama brought home last week. Would you believe more cats? Well not real cats like us.

She said she found these cute kitties at a place called the farmers' market. She thought they were so cute she just had to buy them.

Of course she couldn't stop taking photos of them either. That's enough with the camera Mama.

We kitties overheard our hooman Mama and Dad taking about something called Mama's Day. So we asked them what that meant and they explained it to us. We thought it was a great idea and thought and thought of ways to say thank you to both of our mamas.

We wrapped up packages for our two mamas with Miss Cindi Lou's help. Our hooman Mama is Cindi Lou's Mama too you know. We hope our kitty Mama likes her gift, maybe the mouse won't eat the bug before Mama opens it. We also wrapped a gift for our hooman Mama. We'll be close by in case it jumps out when Mama opens the package. MOL!

That's our kitty Mama (our hooman Mama calls her MK which is short for Mama Kitty) in the middle.

Happy Mama's Day 
to all of you too!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reminiscing in the Park

("Hurry, don't be late,
I can hardly wait"
I said to myself when we're old)
We'll go dancing in the dark
walking through the park
and reminiscing

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Critter Collage

The theme for this week's PicStory is Mosaic or Collage. This of course is a good excuse to play around with my scrapbooking program. I picked out some photos and added the flower and liked the result.

But of course I couldn't stop with just one. For this one I added a photo as the background and then arranged the photos.

The last one is an experiment to see if I could deconstruct (I cut it into sections) a photo and put it back together as a collage. It worked pretty good but if you look close you might see an error or two I made putting it back together. It is the same photo I used in the first collage.

All of these were done in MyMemories Suite (look on my sidebar for the link and discount code to get a copy of this fun program for yourself. The price after the ten dollar discount is very reasonable.).

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Monday, May 7, 2012

ALERT: Pet Food Recall

Hello all my furry friends, Fuzzi here. This is very important. Go grab your humans and have them read this post.

Diamond Pet foods has issued recalls for dog foods produced in their South Carolina plant. Diamond pet food is sold under many brand names, be sure to check the links below.

We can never be too careful when it comes to our furbabies.

Diamond Pet Food Recall
Dog & Cat Food Recall from Salmonella Outbreak List
Pet-food recall expanded

Friday, May 4, 2012

Day in the Park

 Hi everybody! The Kitty Krew here to bring you today's post. Mommy has been busy so she let us pick the photos. We think this ducky might have gone a little heavy on the eyeliner and shadow. But he's still cute.

 Mommy says these are Mandarin ducks. We think they are very pretty.

 Did you know turtles like sunpuddles (or the sun near puddles) almost as much as we kitty cats?

 This one is called a Whistling duck. We didn't know ducks could pucker up their bills and whistle. Did you?

A few weeks ago mommy had to stop by the library and pick up her case of books for World Book Night. That was the night 25,000 folks (including our mommy) across the US gave away books to non readers in their communities. Since Miss Freda's theme for this week's Photo Time is "Open" we thought this would be a good photo.

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